Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 31....5k

Well, it was a perfect day for a 5k.  The course was a bit different than I expected. From what I looked at before it appeared that the last quarter to half mile was going to be up hill.  That would be a real challenge, but not as challenging as what the course turned out to be.  It started off really nice.  A slight uphill for a quarter mile followed by a downhill for a quarter mile.  Then it hit you.  The whole middle of the course was up hill with a couple short flat areas.  My legs were killing me.  I didn't really want to walk any of it, but I ended up walking about 20 percent of it, but still got a time of a little over 36 min.  That being said the two that had a shorter time than me ran the whole thing, so I must have really pushed the first part of the run because they only got 32 and 34 min.

I was thinking last night about how 9 years ago I would have ran that around 20 min probably.  Mostly because it was probably one of the hardest courses I have ever ran and I don't know how well I would have done up against that many hard up hills.  Combine that with the extra 60lbs I am now carrying and while I am not please with my time, it wasn't terrible considering.  9 years ago it would have been completely unacceptable. 

Well, I guess I better find another one to run and start planning for it.

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