Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 26 and Day 29

So...I forgot to blog about my last two runs.  I've been quite busy and excited at work about getting a new computer and video editing software to go along with it. 

Day 26 was a rough morning.  My son didn't want to let me go outside and my wife having been up quite a bit over the night I wanted to let her rest so I ran short on time.  I was able to go out for a run, but it was only a 12 min run followed by a 2 min walk.  Felt good....longest I have ran in a while.

Day 29 was similar to Day 26 only I had more time.  I was able to get out and run a full 15 min without walking which was an accomplishment for me, since I hadn't done that in a while.  It felt good, but I was sore afterwards.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I don't have my run in the morning, but rather I have the 5k at work tomorrow night. Its not really a race and I didn't really expect to be running a 5k so quickly, but here goes nothing.

Wish me luck.

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