Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 5 - Almost Kicked my butt almost kicked my butt.  Two nights ago my daughter decided not to sleep more than an hour at a time all night.  I think I finally was able to squeeze in a total of three hours before having to work a 14 hour day at work.  Which made sleeping last night ever so more enjoyable and harder to get up this morning to actually do it.  I turned my alarm of, and "forgot" to get up.  30 min after I planned to get up one of my boys woke me and I struggled with wanting to say forget the run today. 

After a couple minutes I decide I had better go ahead and do it.  If I start to use excuses now, it will only make things harder later.  It was a very cold 32°, but I was able to make it through.  I ran 6 min, walked 2 min, ran 5 min, walked 2 min, ran 3 min, walked 3 min. 

Overall, felt good.  I'm tired, but know that in the long run its a little pain here for a lot of gain later. 

Oh how I miss the days of being able to run for 45 min and it not feel like a stretch at all.

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