Friday, March 2, 2012

Where to begin

I start down a journey today with hopes and dreams of being able to run with my kids when they are in middle school.  Not only that, but enjoying being able to not feel winded after even the slightest form of physical activity.  I've tried to start running again over the past year, but it just never seemed to stick.  Something always got in the way.  Well...I am hoping that this blog will help me track not only what I am doing, but help keep me accountable to myself.

I remember back in middle school just shortly after my first race, my dad challenged me to a race.  I was a distance runner from the start, so the race was going to be a mile.  We went out to the track, mom had us line up and with "on your mark....get set....go" we were off.  I still remember his words as we head into the first turn.  "Do you always start out this fast?"  By the time we go to the end of the back half he had stopped and had to start walking.  Needless to say we both did cross the finish line at the same time.  Mine being the end of the mile and his being the end of his first lap.